We offer:

  • Nearly 9000 square feet of retail space
  • A clean environment where buyers have 7 days a week to view your items without disrupting your home
  • A fair market price that is higher than a private sale in most cases
  • In-house qualified and knowledgeable staff
  • If the need arises, access to market experts for unique and unusual items
  • Cost effective pick up options
  • eBay services if the market determines it is the best option

Pictures are strongly encouraged ahead of time on furniture.  Pictures may be emailed or brought in person to the store. To email pictures, please send to

Fee structure:
The seller receives 60% of the selling price.

Markdown time frame:

  • Original price for 30 days
  • After 30 days the item is reduced by 20%
  • After 60 days the items is reduced by 40%
  • After 90 days the items is reduced by 50%
  • After 90 days unsold items will be removed from the selling floor

View and print a copy of our consignment contract here:

Patina Interiors Consignment Contract