What are the store hours?

Monday – Saturday 10am – 6pm

Thursday 10am – 7pm

Sunday 12pm – 4:30pm


Are purchased items returnable?

All sales are final, so inspect all items carefully.  If a previously purchased item does not fit your needs, it may be placed back on consignment.


What do we accept for consignment?
We look for items that have a timeless sense of style.  We sell furniture, home furnishings, and home decor items.  We look for items that are in top quality, excellent condition, and clean.  There are times that we will decline the opportunity to sell an item.

Are there any items that are not accepted?

Our store is very eclectic. There are times, however, that we will decline the opportunity to sell an item. In general, we would not accept the following items for consignment:

. Rugs

. Draperies

. Bedding

. Appliances

. Electronics


Who sets the price?
It is a negotiated process. Most people are pleasantly surprised at our suggestion as to the selling price of their items.  Any information the seller can provide as to the history, price paid, and place of purchase is always helpful.  In the end, the buying public determines the value of your item.

When do I get paid?
Checks are prepared upon consignors request, not more than once a month for the previous calendar months selling activity.  Local checks are to be picked up, they are not mailed.


If I sell an item, can I use the store credit?
When an item sells, store credit may be used at any time.

When are consignments accepted?
Monday – Friday is encouraged.  If a weekend drop-off is needed, it must be arranged in advance.


Do I need an appointment to drop off items?

We do not require appointments; however a courtesy call is appreciated to check the store status.



Where should I park to drop off furniture?

We have a set of double doors on the left side of the front of the store.  Just back your vehicle up to these doors.

Do you have pick up or delivery service?

We do not have pick up or delivery service, but can provide you with the names and numbers of people who provide this service.


How do I know if my items have sold?

Just call or email us. We will provide you with a current status of the account.


If I am selling an item and change my mind, can I take it back?

You can retrieve any unsold item at anytime.  There are no penalty fees for this.